Trust Northland for Environmental Response

Construction and industrial work methods are heavily researched and tested before they’re ever put into practice. Teams are trained to operate safely and within best practices at all times. Still, accidents can happen for any number of reasons. Northland moves quickly to respond and remediate situations on job sites that can impact the environment. We’re highly trained and ready to work quickly and effectively to minimize negative environmental impacts and get jobs back on track and progressing on schedule. Look to Northland for spill response, contaminated soil testing and removal, hazmat cleanup, decommissioning services and more.

Environmental Response Services

Spill Response

If a spill happens on a site, the Northland team is trained and equipped to stop the spill or leak, remove contaminated materials, contain the situation, and treat any impacted water or soil.

Contaminated Soil Testing and Removal

Part of the cleanup and remediation process includes understanding which, if any, contaminants are impacting the soil. Our field teams collect samples for lab analysis, which informs our cleanup strategy.

Hazmat Cleanup

The Northland team is trained and experienced in handling hazardous materials cleanup efforts. Count on us to work safely and efficiently to contain and resolve hazmat situations.


When transformers and switchyards reach the end of their usable life, Northland can manage and execute the decommissioning process from start to finish, returning the area to a natural state.

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