The Right Vac Truck for the Job

When a project calls for moving liquids or semi-solid sludges, rely on Northland’s skilled vac truck operators to select the right equipment and get the job done right. We maintain a fleet of vac trucks of varying sizes and types, and we also contract with highly-skilled local vac truck operators. Having a wide bench ensures we can meet the needs of companies and projects throughout the region. We have the power, equipment and teams necessary to handle even the most complicated jobs on construction sites or industrial projects.

Vac Truck Services

Hydro Excavation

High pressure, high strength. Our hydro excavation team loosens soil with water in hard-to-access (or even frozen) areas and pumps the resulting slurry to a safe location.

Line Jetting

When earth and debris clog subterranean pipes, sewers, culverts or drains, a vac truck with line jetting capabilities is the right tool to blast the blockage safely.

Utility Locating

Northland’s vac truck services can be extremely useful for helping locate and perform routine maintenance or emergency repair on underground utility lines.

Industrial Plant Cleanup

A vac truck can be extremely useful around an industrial plant, helping clear materials, vacuum liquids and solids, and clean/pressure wash areas that are difficult to reach.

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Vac Truck Services