Exterior Services and Maintenance

Northland is capable of nearly any exterior improvement or repair you can think of. At Northland, we are committed to keeping our clients’ properties functioning at a high level. Choosing the right exterior materials and prioritizing maintenance are key pieces of the project puzzle. In northern climates, where structures must withstand sun, heat, rain, wind, snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures and more, materials and proper upkeep are non-negotiable. The Northland team is deeply experienced in construction, strategic repairs and add-on services that keep properties looking great and operating as designed.

Exterior Services

Electrical Earthwork and Concrete

The Northland team has deep experience in planning and executing earthwork and concrete projects to house underground electrical cabling.

eHouse Slabs

Electrical houses (eHouse) require strong foundations. Trust Northland to consider all the details when planning and pouring the right size and type of concrete slab for the project.

Transformer Pads

A high-quality concrete transformer pad protects electrical equipment from the elements and debris, and provides a reliable foundation with a long life.

Lightpole Bases

Selecting the right size and type of concrete base for lightpoles is essential to providing adequate and reliable lighting for parking lots, sidewalks, streets and more.

Duct Banks

Reinforced concrete casings support and protect electrical duct banks. The Northland team provides earthwork and concrete services to construct any size bank.

Blacktop Cutting and Patching

Small cracks and wear don’t necessarily mean an entire blacktop needs to be replaced. Trust Northland to complete patches and repairs seamlessly.

Structural Concrete

The Northland team is well-versed in structural concrete pours and repair, and has completed concrete work on hundreds of projects throughout the region.

Refractory Work

Areas that house kilns and boilers must be reinforced with refractory materials that can withstand high heat and pressure. Northland has conducted excellent refractory work for decades.

Equipment Bases

Need a place to store heavy equipment? The Northland team will evaluate your site to find the best location and style for any type of equipment base.

Masonry Repairs

Keep exterior brick and brick facades looking fresh and new with expert repair services from Northland.

Patio Paving

The perfect patio awaits. The Northland team is experienced in creating beautiful brick and concrete-paved patios.

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